Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Whether it is a new product launch, rebranding, a brand new venture, or simply a campaign, we device marketing strategies for customer touchpoints across the funnel. Go beyond your marketing goals and build a strong customer base with us.

Social Media Management

We help take your Social Media presence to the next level. From measuring ROI to driving engagement, studying your audiences' sentiment, behavioural patterns and much more. We develop community management strategies that make a difference.

Marketing Automation

We help automate your marketing functions, thereby giving you more time and flexibility to focus on your core strategies and consumers. Engage customers and convert new leads with next level strategy and customized software from CX Unicorn.

Campaign Management

We provide end-to-end campaign management. Here you can just sit back and relax, and watch your vision unfold to it’s true potential, with maximum output, using minimum resources in the most efficient way.

Web Analytics

We help you supplement your Digital Marketing initiatives with our top-of-the-line analytics, in order to drive your digital agenda in a more efficient and resourceful manner. From determining results to gauging potential, we can analyze it all!


We integrate SEO expertise, market knowledge and exceptional design skills to create great marketing copy: informative, compelling, which calls for awareness and action. Custom content creation to set your brand apart from others.

Organic Digital Marketing

We help you set up your business online for long-term, sustainable results, going the distance to help you achieve your goals and retain loyal consumers, using tools such as Social Media, Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Video Concept and Production

We take care of all your video creation needs, whether it is a shoot or a 360 degrees animation , from shooting to post-production, conceptualization to creation, and much more to provide you with some of the best video content in the industry!

Integrated CX Solutions

We offer comprehensive CX solutions that integrate data, marketing and technology, that can be customized as per your requirements. Through our integrated CX solutions we deliver differentiated world class customer experience, and the expertise.


We provide end-to-end solutions for all your robotics needs - we conceptualize the robot, program the language, and build the machine. Stand out from your competitors and stay up to date with the latest technology!

Branding and Identity

A brand needs to present the best possible version of itself, and make a lasting impression. We help you find, develop, and present that brand identity to the world! Stand out from the crowd with your creative and unique brand identity.

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AR/VR Solutions

We help you create compelling and immersive experiences for your audience through our AR and VR technology. Gain a wider audience base, capture their attention and boost your e-commerce platform through our customised AR and VR solutions.